Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Due Diligence: Seven Bridges Genomics (Part 3)

At last, following a genomics industry overview (Part 1) and cloud-based genomics analysis platform macro-view (Part 2), we arrive at the micro-level market landscape surrounding Seven Bridges Genomics.

In Part 2, I mentioned that the cloud-based genomics analysis space is crowded.

To give you a sense of just how crowded (read: very crowded), I’ve enumerated the companies in Seven Bridges Genomics’ competitive sphere. I used my best judgement with respect to direct competitors.

Suffice to say, even when restricted to direct competitors, it really is crowded. There is no clear market leader as of yet, so the next few years are going to very exciting/scary for many of these folks. So many ways to die.

Speaking of ways to be disintermediated before wide-spread platform acceptance, I want to give a special shout-out the Next-gen sequencing companies directly building cloud application to plug-into their own systems: GenapSys, Ion Torrent Systems, Oxford Nanopore.

Oxford Nanopore, still in quasi-shadow-mode as they are, like to be secretive; however, they mention AWS cloud applications in their Early Access Documentation. That, along with the very end-to-end nature and slow-to-market release, leads me to believe it’s in the pipe. I’ll be exploring these guys a bit more, later.

In Part 4, we’ll take a deep-dive into Seven Bridges Genomics, assessing positioning and key risks. Until then, enjoy (aside: sorry about the side-scroll, until I find a better solution for narrow blogger page widths)…
Company 1,2 Location Founding Tags 3,4 Products Cloud Direct Competitor
Agile Genomics* Mt Pleasant, SC 2007? Consulting AlignShop, MiST Database X
Aridhia Informatics* Edinburgh, UK 2008 Healthcare/Clinical AnalytiXagility X
Appistry* St. Louis, MO 2001 Consulting Ayrris X
Ayasdi* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2008 General Machine Learning Ayasdi Cure/Topological Data Analysis (TDA) X
BGI EasyGenomics* Greater Boston, MA 1999/2010 Nonprofit, Core Facility, Open Source Various X
Bina Technologies* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2011 Hardware/IT Bina Applications X X
BioDatomics* Greater Washington, DC 2012 Open Source SaaS, Pro, Community5 X X
Congenica* Cambridge, UK 2013 Healthcare/Clinical, Healthcare/Diagnostic Sapienta ? ? (Not Released)
Cypher Genomics Greater San Diego Area, CA 2011 Mantis X X (Early Access)
DNAnexus* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2009 DNAnexus Platform X X
Eagle Genomics* Cambridge, UK 2008 Consulting ElasticAP X
Era7 Bioinformatics* Granada, Spain; Greater Boston, MA 2004 Consulting, Open Source, Bacterial N/A
Fios Genomics* Edinburgh, UK 2008 Consulting N/A
GenapSys6 San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2010 Hardware/Sequencing Genius X ?
Genestack* Cambridge, UK; St. Petersburg, Russia 2012 Genestack Platform X X (Beta)
Genome Cloud Seoul, Korea ? g-Insight X X
Genomics Limited Oxford, UK 2014 Shadow-mode N/A
GenoSpace Greater Boston, MA 2011 Shadow-mode ? X
Geospiza PerkinElmer* Seattle, WA 1997 Desktop GeneSifter
Globus Genomics Chicago, IL ? Globus Platform X ?
Ion Torrent Systems by Life Technolgies 7* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2007 Hardware/Sequencing Ion Reporter X ?
Maverixbio* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2012 Desktop Maverix Analytic Platform
NextBio by Illumina* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2004 Desktop? NextBio Platform
NZGL Dunedin, New Zealand ? Consulting
Omicia Biocomputing* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2009 Healthcare/Clinical Opal X
Oxford Gene Technology* Oxford, UK 1995 Desktop, Sequencing Service CytoSure Interpret
Oxford Nanopore 8* Oxford, UK 2005 Hardware/Sequencing X ?
Personalis* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2011 Consulting, CRO, Sequencing Service N/A
Seven Bridges Genomics* Greater Boston, MA; Belgrade, Serbia (IT) 2009 Igor X X
Spiral Genetics* Seattle, WA 2012? Consulting, Desktop N/A / Anchored Assembly Method
Station X* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2010 Desktop Gene Pool
Syapse* San Francisco Bay Area, CA 2009 Healthcare/Clinical Synapse Platform X
The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC)* Norwich, UK 2009 Nonprofit, Core Facility Various X
Tute Genomics* Salt Lake City, UT 2012 Tute Platform/ANNOVAR X ?
Technical Notes:
After a misguided regression/sojourn into typing Part 2 in Google docs then copying to Blogger, which resulted in ultra-crap formating, I’m back to using stacked.io, which I explored here. If there is demand/interest, I’m willing to update/convert this listing to a more dynamic format. Just give a shout in the comments.

  1. To the best of my knowledge, these companies form a closed set under the LinkedIn feature ‘People Also Viewed’, omitting spurious hits.
  2. * Direct link to company LinkedIn Page
  3. Companies are for-profit unless otherwise stated, e.g. Nonprofit
  4. Core facility implies Sequencing Service.
  5. BioDT Community is free to use
  6. Special shout-out for Hardware/Sequencing companies with cloud applications.
  7. Special shout-out for Hardware/Sequencing companies with cloud applications.
  8. Special shout-out for Hardware/Sequencing companies with cloud applications.

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