Monday, February 1, 2010

18 months of living

Wow, it's been a while since I last logged. Japan was not only fun, but productive. The researchers I collaborated with were kind enough to include me on both the patent app and paper.

After coming back from Japan, school just wasn't the same. In short, I was of sick of it. My program allowed some flexibility in the courses I could take, but coursework just doesn't hold a candle to research. I finished my graduation requirements that semester (that was NOT a fun semester by any stretch of the imagination) and took a leave of absence to policy wonk it. After that, to prevent boredom I relocated again to work for a start-up.

So at this point I'm left with a few options...
1) Disconnect from the matrix
2) 8th semester at school (ick!)
3) Prolong play-time

Any rational person would of course choose option 3; so, I found myself in Copenhagen. I lived with an awesome host family about 1/2 hr outside the city center. 10min bike ride; 30min on the S-train and a 10min walk from Nørreport Station. To boot, the host dad is an AMAZING cook. A welcome relief from ramen and fast-food (I have zero cooking ability). I even learned a little Danish. The ultimate test was entertaining my host family's extended family for about 5min at a Christmas party (in Danish).

Nothing better than time away from the states to help you reflect on your own bigotry, cultural imperialism and overall direction of your life. Thanks America! Now lets think, direction of life...I like research, but don't want to be a tech. I like independence and being able to pursue my own projects. I don't like being micromanaged. I don't mind living in relative poverty, and I do love tinkering...

...Yep, you guessed it, the great graduate school debate raised her ugly head. To go into industry and come back for a Masters in a few years, or to go the more arduous doctoral route. It took a lot of soul searching and procrastination, but I'm almost certain PhD is the right choice for me. I'll be honest, I'm still angsting just a wee bit. 5-6 years is a long time to dedicate to higher education when there are absolutely no guarantees at the end of that very long tunnel. A PhD will probably make my life more difficult; but alas, I do love poverty and admissions committees permitting, doctorate program it is.

In the mean time, I've managed to find another start-up, this one being younger, hipper and overall more enjoyable than the first.

So a recap since the last post...Japan, hating school, policy wonk, start-up #1, Hopenhagen, start-up #2 and grad school admissions! Now the real challenge, updating this thing more than once every 18 months. Thanks for reading Echuu!