Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ryan’s Guide to Job Search Strategy: Introduction


This is your strategic guide to the initial stages of your job search.

If you’re like me, most of the career advice you’ve read, or otherwise received from good intentioned friends and colleagues, is vague and unhelpful. Obviously, I cannot guarantee you a job, but I will present a roadmap, a crystallized instance of a job search in progress.  

Herein, you will discover the mental model and accompanying strategy that I have developed, and am actively using in my own job search. The first collection of articles will focus on the initial stages of search. We will start with a high-level mental model, and proceed by systematically covering the concrete steps that will help you turn that model into reality. Specific examples from my own job search are included at every step. So let us begin...

This Guide is for

  • Recent graduate who have no idea how to apply their degree in practice.
  • PhDs who long to leave academia, but don’t know how (this is me, by the way)
  • People who (naïvely) followed their heart at age 18 with no thought to the future.
  • Long-term unemployed.

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